Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz
Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt - Assistant Rabbi
Anshei Chesed
of Hewlett
These are pictures from the Chanukah party in Nitzan.  Nitzan is the largest of the communities
established by the evacuees from Gush Katif 3 years ago.  As you are well aware, most of these
children and their families are still residing in temporary caravans as they have not yet been
granted government permits to build permanent homes.
Your shul’s contribution for toys was a true miracle on Chanukah.  Though, as you will see, many of
the pictures are devoid of smiling children, Irwin Borvick assured me and you that the children were
ecstatic with their presents.
You truly brought joy and happiness to these children and I personally thank you for all of your
I will touch base with you later in the week.
Scott M. Feltman
Executive Vice President
One Israel Fund, Ltd.